dijous, 17 de maig de 2012

Comenius meeting in Terrassa

During the visit at our Escola El Cim we presented our products which were playlets about our national stereotypes. The teachers also worked on the final report on the project. It's difficult to believe this was the last meeting in our project. 

We visited Barcelona (Sagrada Familia by Antonio Gaudi, Camp Nou with Barca's stadium), had a stroll on Las Ramblaa and ate some delicious tapas and paella.

March 2012: Meeting in Moreni, Romania

dimarts, 5 d’abril de 2011


The second meeting of this Comenius was held from 22nd March to 27th March in Warsaw, Poland. We shared the results we had previously agreed to carry out among our students.

At the beginning, we knew that this trip would be an amazing trip. We went to Warsaw well prepared. We were a little nervous. When we arrived, we were a little lost, the currency was different, the language a bit difficult but... everyone was fantastic. We could learn a lot of thinks: a different place in Europe, another culture, some people from France, Turkey,Poland, Germany and Romania. Also, we could practice our English and make new friends. We think it was a wonderful and special trip and we are satisfied because of this. We hope we can go back soon...!


Ideas for Combating Poverty

Poverty is a universal issue and it is increasingly worrying. It affects the whole world and our society. For this reason we should value life and know how lucky we are to have a family, a home, school, values. We have a pretty easy life.

To collaborate actively with organizations like Busquets Foundation that helps people who need it.

Maintain professional and social services offered by organizations like Fundació Busquets: housing for children without families, wardrobe, among others.

We can help alleviate the situation of the poor by making donations, both individual and at institutional level (enterprises, schools, charitable groups…). The most needed products are food, clothing, soaps and cleaning products.

Volunteering is very necessary, especially in the present world, in which people are often motivated by their economic interests. We should encourage voluntary actions in order to improve society and improve ourselves on a personal level.

To raise the awareness in society, and specifically students, about different types of poverty, its distribution, risk groups and especially that poverty also exists in developed countries. It’s also a strategy to combat it.

Promoting personal autonomy by professional training, education and also promoting personal and social abilities of people is important to eradicate it.

It is necessary to console those who need it.

The sponsorship of children is one way to help families who can afford their care for short periods.

Help homeless people to find links to new people, help them recover from the internal injuries of life and get out of this vicious circle.

To organize charitable activities such as plays, concerts, charity raffles, etc.

To eradicate poverty in underdeveloped countries we should stop exploiting people and resources,

It is very important the attitude of society, that takes a look supportive, respectful and dignified treatment to those suffering from this situation. Zoom victim-hood, guilt and contempt for these people.

The collaboration of everyone is essential to eradicate poverty.